Video Surveillance for Border Services Agency

maXia™ Solutions Group designs and builds custom video recording servers for your application, and is focused on providing white label recording and management hardware solutions for each new project.

Every system starts with the basics, workingpr component-by-component to ensure that you get the features and performance required while reducing unnecessary add-ons and creating an accurate, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Border Services Agency

Following a bid process to replace an existing system, maXia Solutions Group working with one of our integration partners, developed and designed a video surveillance solution, including a video recording server, multiple client workstations, and a Milestone™ software management/failover server.

Border Services Agency
Video Recording Server
  • Windows™ Server 2012
  • Xeon™ Processor
  • Hot Swap Redundant Power Supply
  • SAS 2x 450GB OS Drive
  • 12x 3TB HDD, 3x SATA/SAS RAID Controllers
  • 4U Rackmount with 15 Hot Swappable Drive Bays
  • 5 Year maXia Extended Service and Support Plan

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