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Autonomous System Health Monitoring with Remote Diagnostics and Repair

Monitored by maXia is an autonomous system health monitoring service monitored and managed by Sentry Security Systems Inc. Technical Services division.

With remote diagnostics and repair capabilities, our technical engineers act as first responders for your deployments of video recording servers, storage arrays and workstation systems, reducing and often alleviating downtime and increasing the system’s overall value, effectiveness and reliability.

Monitered by maXia
Monitored By Maxia
  • Monitored by maXia monitoring service can be deployed on any Windows™ based video surveillance server or workstation pre or post-build, or can be deployed on-site
  • This service monitors for potential abnormalities and contacts our technicians for more timely diagnostics and repairs
  • Remote monitoring can prevent service calls for disk-related issues, memory or CPU usage and software related problems

1 Year Subscription


3 Year Subscription


5 Year Subscription


Monthly Subscriptions Available

Monitoring Policies

Disk Health

When a disk problem is detected, maXia Technicians will login to verify and fix the disk problem, if possible which almost always prevents a service call to diagnose.

Disk Space

When a data drive is not recycling properly, or if the C: drive is full, a maXia Technician will access and restore the system to full functionality.

Process Closed

Video Monitoring Software will be monitored to ensure that the software is running. Upon failure, a maXia Technician will login to get the software running and correct any issues that prevented it from running.

CPU Usage

If the CPU spikes outside of normal operating parameters, a maXia Technician will access the system remotely and make necessary changes to resolve the spike.

Memory Usage

If the system’s memory becomes nearly full, a maXia Technician will log into the system to assess the specifications of the build and make remote adjustments and/or suggest repairs.

Online State

In the event of a system going offline, maXia Technicians will continue to monitor the system. Following a standard wait-time, the dealer will be contacted for an on-site adjustment.

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