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maXia™ Solutions Group designs and builds workstation systems to interact with video recording servers, access control systems and home automation systems.

Our system design specialists start with the basics and build a workstation for your needs. Component-by-component, workstations are a vital tool of the overall system, providing fast, efficient and secure access for operators.

Custom Workstations
Custom Workstations
Custom Workstations
Custom Workstations
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Video Surveillance Client Workstations

Client workstations play an integral part of many video recording solutions – allowing operators to view recordings in higher quality without affecting the resources or functionality of the system.

  • View live and recorded video, or export and archive video clips
  • Minimize the need for direct access to the server
  • Workstation 1

    Access Control Workstations

    Workstations are particularly ideal for interacting with access control systems, ensuring that text-based data storage does not interfere with, interrupt or corrupt the required programs or software.

  • Easily enroll or delete user card information
  • For day-to-day interaction privilege changes
  • Generate access and time reports for each user
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