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maXia™ Solutions Group’s System Design Specialists are focused on providing custom built solutions specifically built for you or your customers needs. Starting with the basics, each system is designed and built component-by-component, using only premium hardware and proven combinations.

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maXia™ Solutions Group has been providing custom, accurate and reliable solutions to our integration partners for over a decade, and our warranty is meant to demonstrate the confidence that we have in each system we build.

Big or small projects, maXia Solutions Group’s design team specs the required systems out quickly, accurately and at a better value than the OEMs.

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Recording Server

Recording Server

The recording server is responsible for communicating with the IP cameras and video encoders, recording the retrieved audio and video as well as providing client access to both live and recorded audio and video. All our video recording servers are custom designed to your project and hand-built-in-house, creating the most reliable, cost-effective and high performing solution.

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Storage Array

Storage Array

Optimized to handle the requirements of your project, all our storage arrays are custom designed and hand-built-in-house to handle the throughput, video retention and scalability needed while maximizing value and minimizing maintenance.

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Management Server

Management Server

The management server is the central component of the VMS system. It stores the configuration, manages the databases and handles user authentication and more depending on the VMS platform being deployed. We can design and hand-build-in-house, a management server to your project and VMS platforms specifications.

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The workstation complements the recording server(s) and is designed to enable quick access to live and recorded video, often having the capability to display video over multiple monitors. We design and hand-build-in-house workstations for all different purposes and VMS platforms and can tailor the system to meet your specific project needs.

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Some of Our Customers

Do you build systems/servers other than for use in video surveillance applications?

Absolutely! Similar to the systems listed above, we’ve been designing and hand-building-in-house servers and systems for use in other applications such as:

CAD_CAM Workstation

CAD/CAM Workstations

VoIP Server

VOIP Servers

Video Editing_Graphics & Gaming System

Video Editing/Graphics and Gaming Systems

Access Control Server

Access Control Servers

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