How It Works

From concept to final product maXia works collaboratively with you.

maXia™ Solutions Group’s System Design Specialists are focused on providing video recording, access management, VoIP, and custom workstation solutions specifically built for your project. Starting with the basics, each system is designed and built component-by-component, using only premium hardware and proven combinations.


Project Scope

Working collaboratively, maXia Solutions Group begins every custom design by reviewing the scope of the project with our client to create milestones to ensure we can meet the project timelines.

Qualifying each project also includes identifying the purpose of the server and collecting details about the required outcome.


Project Details

A maXia Solutions Group System Design Specialist will assist with the selection of hardware and software based on user preferences and/or bid specifications and properly configure and optimize its performance.

  • Hardware details
  • Peripheral device details
  • Storage details
  • OS & software details


Quality Build

maXia™ systems are hand-built using premium components in a static and shock-free environment, leveraging knowledge gained from 20 years building video recording and related systems. We maintain close relationships with key component manufacturers, and track versioning, revisions, failure rate and other key data to ensure the highest combination of performances and reliability goes into every system.


Product Delivery

The results are systems that are more reliable, tuned for your exact application and commonly 25-50% lower cost than an OEM brand. maXia products are delivered:

  • On time
  • On budget
  • With warranty for peace of mind
  • With optional health monitoring, remote diagnostics and repair services

Your Requirements, Your Way

A maXia Solutions Group System Design Specialist will assist with the selection of trusted, premium hardware and software combinations based on our close relationships with key component manufacturers.

Hand holding a wrench icon
Hand Built
Electric drill icon
No Power Tools
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Static Free
Lightning bolt on top of a disk drive icon
Shock Mounted
Thermometer icon
80°C Rated Cabling
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Colour Coding
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6 Gbps + SATA Cables
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Corrosion Inhibiting Packaging
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4 Step Q&A Process

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