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Our dedicated team of solution and system design specialists work closely with our system integration partners to design and build systems that are more reliable, secure and specifically tuned for each application.

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Why Choose maXia

With 20 years of experience designing, building and supporting video recording and management hardware solutions, maXia™ Solutions Group starts with the basics and builds a system for your needs. Component-by-component, systems are built with only premium components, and proven combinations for your specific application needs.

Custom designed systems built to your project specs

20-50% lower cost, more reliable, lasts longer

Proven case studies from our integration partners

maXia™ Solutions Group’s System Design Specialists are focused on providing video recording and management solutions specifically for your project. Starting with the basics, each system is designed and built component-by-component, using only premium hardware and proven combinations.

The features and performance you need, and none of the ones you don’t!

How it Works


Through Sentry’s large number of relationships with installation service providers across North America, we can ensure that your systems are installed professionally and effectively, giving you the peace of mind and confidence you need.

Custom Built Products & Solutions

maXia™ Solutions Group builds custom systems that are more reliable, tuned for your exact application and commonly 25-50% lower cost than an OEM brand.

Recording Server

Video Recording Servers

maXia™ Solutions Group designs and builds custom video recording servers for your application, and is focused on providing white label recording and management hardware solutions for each new project.

CAD_CAM Workstation

Custom Workstations

maXia™ Solutions Group designs and builds workstation systems to interact with video recording servers, access control systems and home automation systems.

VoIP Server

VoIP Servers

maXia™ Solutions Group designs and builds Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) servers for integration partners who specialize in developing and installing scalable, locally-managed VoIP phone system solutions.

Access Control Server

Monitoring & Remote Diagnostics

Monitored by maXia is an autonomous system health monitoring service monitored and managed by Sentry Security Systems Inc. Technical Services division.

Some of Our Customers

After meeting with several suppliers, we chose to have maXia Solutions Group build 12 servers for a large VOIP rollout at on Ontario University. Their ability to design and build each server to handle the specific call volume and routing requirements of each node and with redundancy was a huge performance, price and reliability advantage.

Jason, Telecom Metric Inc.

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Sentry has developed many long standing relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and integrators using combined expertise to produce industry leading solutions. Whether you are a product or software manufacturer or a custom security solutions installer, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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